It may seem odd for a professional who works almost entirely in digital media to need a break, but over the past months it's become more obvious that I need to disconnect. Rather than going to a beach somewhere I've decided to just take a 10-day vacation from social/digital mediums themselves. Hopefully by doing so, I can:

Prove Myself Wrong - Admittedly, I'm skeptical that I can even do this. With such an ingrained habit of checking social media and digital news during down time, I will be fighting my subconscious. 

Reduce Negative Influences - Those hanging around Twitter lately can definitely relate that the platform has become a negative echo chamber following the election. While I definitely support the points of view, the constant flow of negative news outside my control has to be impacting me at some level. Hopefully taking a break can give me a more positive outlook.

Added Focus at Work - I've scheduled my media vacation during launch week for a new CRM system at our dealerships. The result of a year long evaluation and signup process, it's a critical week for work and focusing on the main thing should be the main thing.

Gauge Dependence - Since I've been immersed in the technology for so long, I'm not really sure how i'll handle it. Will I be craving it after 24 hours? Will I simply just miss it? We'll see soon!

Whether it gives me a temporary calm or long term piece of mind, who knows, but wish me luck!