It’s just after 5 in the evening as I right this ode to Wednesdays, one of my all-time favorite days of the week. Why do I love Wednesdays you ask? Well...

No Meetings

I intentionally keep Wednesdays completely meeting free. I have no regularly scheduled meetings, nor do I usually accept requests for meetings. Thus, it’s a day for non-stop grinding. With no meetings, Wednesday is a nuclear weapon to my to-do list.

Mid-Week Perspective

While I don’t think the hustle should be limited to M-F and that weekends aren’t just for disconnecting, Wednesday does serve as a mid-week waypoint to evaluate how I’m doing on my weekly goals, and to recommit to accomplishing them by week’s end.

That’s it!

By keeping the day free to work and using it as a pause for reflection, Wednesday has become one of the best days of the week.