With a massive consumer shift in mobile usage the battleground for email marketing has shifted from the desk to the palm. With more consumer checking email on mobile devices, it's critical that marketers shift their strategy to optimize for smaller devices and quicker decisions.

These few tips can dramatically improve the success of your email campaigns in the hands of the mobile shopper:

  1. Simple Design: Keep it clean! Limit your text, use simple and high contrast images, and make sure you've got big, thumb sized call to action buttons!
  2. Use the Preview Text: By putting text at the top (even in a camouflaged color or a very small font), you can own the "preview text" that falls under the subject line in many mobile inboxes!
  3. Mobile Destination: Confirm that the page you're sending viewers to is also mobile optimized!
  4. Proof It: Make sure that you're proofing your email on mobile and making sure that as a consumer it is easy to use and that the link/CTA button works smoothly.
  5. Test It: Mobile browsing habits may vary by audience, so make sure to test your email on portions of your list during different times of day and days of the week. You may find that people checking their phones before bed on Monday night is your perfect time, or that
  6. Check Results and Improve: Email marketing is a never ending experiment, so it's critical that you look at unsubscribes, clicks, and views to make your emails even more effective!

While there are many more ways to optimize your emails for mobile, the steps above can help you increase results with your mobile customer!