In recent years the topic of talent acquisition has been a major one in the retail automotive business. Dealers are scrambling to attract new employees and convince younger applicants that the car business isn't as slimy as some stereotypes would have them believe. Here are some tips to attracting and hiring workers that will provide long term success for your organization.

  1. Hire Enthusiasm, Train Skills - While it may be more attractive to pick up a new salesman or service advisor with "experience", consider that you may also be acquiring their bad habits and preconceived notions of what does and does not work. By hiring someone with enthusiasm and training the necessary job skills, you can mold an employee into exactly what you want them to be. This may take more work and effort at the beginning, but will definitely payoff in the ned.
  2. Be Flexible - The expectation of 60+ hour work weeks is no longer a reasonable request for an employee in any dealership. Newer employees may be more open to shorter or more flexible schedules in exchange for more reasonable wages. Also consider being more flexible to new hires on if they need to leave early for a family emergency or take a day off for some mental health.
  3. Provide a Path - Before hiring a position, ask yourself what the career path options look like in your organization. Can you provide multiple paths with at least 1-2 levels of promotion from the current role? If not, work on this aspect first before hiring. That way you can go over it in the interview or offer process, giving the new employee confidence that they are making the right decision.
  4. Explain the "Why"! - The new job-seekers today aren't just seeking wages, but a purpose in life. By hiring employees solely motivated by money, you shouldn't be surprised when that's reflected in your CSI scores. Explain the deeper ways that the role you're provide helps you customers and your community. Adding meaning will provide more engaged employees and increase retention.

By following these key points you can hire new employees for success!