If you knew exactly what a customer was going to ask prior to coming in to your business, you'd plan for that occasion. right? If doing just that is so easy, why do customer facing employees fumble common questions asked by new customers?

By creating a list of frequently asked questions, you can make sure you have the perfect answer to each questions assembled ahead of time to provide the highest levels of service to you customers. Here's how to get started:

  1. Give each of your customer facing employees a legal pad and have them write down every question they are asked for a week. For repeat questions, have them put a check mark or tally next to the question for each time the question is asked again.
  2. At the end of the week collect the sheets and tally the number of times each question was asked and rank them by frequency.
  3. Take the top 10 questions listed by employees and put together the best possible response for each of them. Make sure to include the team members on this part of the process so that they can give feedback and get bought-in to the answers.
  4. Distribute this list of 10 answers back to all of your customer-facing employees as a handy guide for the best way to approach each of the customer questions.
  5. Don't forget to post the FAQs on your website in a dedicated page. Make sure to link the answers to relevant content areas on the site. Chances are that what your customers are calling about is also being searched for online, so an FAQ page can do wonders for organic traffic.

Most companies miss objectives or create customer issues through a lack of planning and communication. By planning how we communicate through a simple FAQ guide we can reduce the frequency of these occasions.