We've all been there, staring at a car that several months ago seemed like the perfect acquisition, with a great profit potential and the promise of a short lot life.  

Now look at it, 100+ days old, with not a crack of the door by a prospective buyer. The time has taken its toll with a film of dirt and failure that's causing your sales team to ignore it completely. 

Here are just a few things you can do to re-merchandise the car and put a renewed focus on getting it sold: 

  1. Clean It Up! Whether it's going to auction or someone's home may not be clear at this point, but it will likely need another detail. See if you can negotiate a "re-detail" cost with your vendor or internal department to make these more affordable.
  2. Re-Photograph: By now it might be a completely different season outside and the original photos were clearly not doing the job. Have the car re-shot, but give it to someone with an artistic flair and buy them lunch for the favor! 
  3. Comments! Does "1OWNER, PW, PL, CLN CARFAX!" Say anything meaningful about the car? Consider re-writing the comments with more fun and excitement. Go one step further and pair these photos and comments together for a kick-ass blog post. That post will be great to display on... 
  4. Social Media: I'm not a proponent of using social media to promote a different vehicle every day, but if you've got a good mix of informative and relevant content going, the occasional vehicle won't hurt you. Consider boosting the post and giving it a little more distance in your area. 
  5. Talk About It! Mention the vehicle specifically in the next sales meeting, covering its highlights and the reasons you bought it in the first place. A good part of the staff may have just forgot it.

If none of these have an impact, auction may be the way to go. That said, these added steps may help save a few good cars for a great new home.