1 in 42. That's the number of kids in KC who don't have their own bed to sleep in each night.

Those of you who have known me a long time have seen my affiliation with Sleepyhead Beds, a KC area charity that seeks to make sure that each child in Kansas City has their own place to sleep each night, through donations of beds and bedding.

From sponsorship (and my emcee services) for their annual Bingo night to employee volunteering and vehicle support,  Soave Automotive Group has been a supporter of SHB for many years. 

This Thursday I invite you to join the #KCSleepover , a virtual sleepover where people across KC will voluntarily sleep on the floor to raise awareness for the kids that do it every night. Our #TeamSoave will be roughing it on the ground and we'd love if you joined us!

For more information on #KCSleepover, check out The Sleepyhead Beds Website!