While it may seem to be social media cliche' at this point, I am still amazed by the amount of businesses that I talk to who are unaware of the mountain of content GOLD sitting right under their noses. 

These 5 pieces of content are sitting at every business, waiting to be posted:

  1. Employee Spotlight: There is nothing better than humanizing your business through focus on an employee. I've always said that each person is the lead character in their own life story, complete with their own unique skills and interests. Telling stories about employees goes a long way for the employee as well.
  2. Community Involvement: Whether it's an employer driving program or something that employees are involved in, telling the story of how your organization supports the community is some of the easiest content you can possibly accessed. Pro Tip: Ask around, as there are often things that the company supports that may not be shared effectively with the whole staff (that's where you come in!).
  3. The Monotonous: Did someone drink the last cup of coffee? Everyone hates that, including the fans of your business. Sharing the little things that people can relate to allow us to connect more deeply with our community. Extra points if the content is both relevant to everyone AND your business.
  4. Solicitations for Help! I guarantee that you or a co-worker asked a question in a meeting recently about how to improve your customer experience. Why ask each other? Ask them! Even if you don't implement the ideas, asking your community for feedback is a great way to stay in touch with the pulse of your clients!
  5. Customer Stories: While lots of businesses post "thank you" items about customers that have recently completed a purchase or had a great experience, seldom do they reach out and ask customers to tell their story. Chances are strong that you have dozens of clients that would gladly let you spotlight them a unique aspect of their life.

Ideas to add? Drop them in the comments below!